Reasons, Climate And Environmental Protections, Are Essential!

Although, it seems, some prefer to deny, the reality of Climate Change, and its potential damage, and, often, minimize the need to protect the environment, especially, as it relates to clean air, and water, the reality is, unless/ until, this planet, begins to, not only, take it seriously, but proceeds, proactively, with a well – considered, strategy, we endanger the health, and well – being, not only, currently, but, of future generations! When, historians, and environmental/ climate experts/ professionals, look – back, at this nation’s behavior, and leadership, especially, these last – four years, they will, probably, feel, our actions (and, lack of), endangered, and harmed, our ability to transfer, a more, sustainable planet, to those, who follow! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 key reasons, doing, all we can, to protect our environment, and prepare, for the ramifications of Climate Change, are essential!

1. Clean air and water: When the Trump Administration, appeared to, reverse, and/ or, limit, many of the rules and regulations, aimed at protecting the environment, etc, it endangered the potential, for enjoying, clean air and water! Some of these actions, included: permitting dumping waste in streams, etc; encouraging drilling; curbing efforts, to minimize green – gases, etc. Mankind, cannot, continue, to exist, unless we prioritize, protecting, clean air, and water.

2. Responsibility to future generations: Shouldn’t it, be, the responsibility, of the current generation, to protect this planet, for the health, well – being, and maximum enjoyment, of future generations? To do so, means, doing all we can, to address issues, not, merely, in a populist way, but in a relevant, and sustainable one!

3. Sea/ Ocean levels/ Melting at poles: We are witnessing, significant melting, at the earth’s poles, probably, because, the average, annual temperature, on this planet, keeps rising. When the ice melts, it causes the potential, for sea, and ocean levels, to rise, and, thus, endanger, low – lying regions, due to potential flooding, etc.

4. Risks to shore/ human – life: If we don’t do, all, we can, to protect the planet, we potentially, risk human life, and our way – of – life!

5. Severity/ frequency of storms: You aren’t the only one, who feels, the severity, and frequency, of storms, and natural disasters, has been increased, and worse, in recent years!

6. Overall health and well – being: When/ if, public leaders, prioritize, articulating, populist messages, rather than, doing the right thing, everyone loses! The actions and statements, made by this past – President, denied, and/ or, minimized, these issues, often, equating them, with, short – term/ immediate, economic issues, the overall health, and well – being, of present and future generations, is, at – risk!

We only have one planet, and, we must, either protect, and take care of it, or, eventually, harm it, and its inhabitants! Wake up, and demand better, more, responsible leadership!



The Medical Assistant Career

One of the Fastest Growing Professions

There are myriad reasons for you to focus your efforts towards building a career as a medical assistant! Although the medical assistant profession can be very challenging, involving a lot of dedication and responsibility, it also brings many financial and personal satisfactions. Undoubtedly, medical assistants have always been considered to be major components of the healthcare industry, fulfilling a set of vital roles in the medical offices. As a medical assistant, you have the opportunity to offer a very important service to the community, by participating actively in the ongoing process of patients’ care and by channeling your efforts towards improving the patients’ health.

Unlike other professions in the medical field, the medical assistant profession involves a lot of interaction and communication, both with the monitored patients and with other members of the medical staff. Thus, besides being the main healthcare provider for patients, as a medical assistant you also have the opportunity to offer patients a lot of moral support. Due to its eclectic nature and the pronounced level of interaction with people, the medical assistant profession is considered to be a very demanding profession, requiring a wide range of practical and theoretical skills, good decision making abilities, good communication skills and nevertheless, a lot of talent!

Although a career as a medical assistant can be very challenging, it also brings a lot of satisfaction! Apart from the noble and altruistic nature of the profession which allows practitioners to offer an important service to the community, ensuring the well-being of patients, the medical assistant profession is also very lucrative and financially stable. While an inexperienced medical assistant may at first earn an annual $20,000 salary, fully qualified medical assistants may eventually earn more than $40, 000 a year.

Due to the ongoing development and expansion of the healthcare industry, the request for medical assistants is very acute in present and it is expected to further grow in the coming years, thus rendering the medical assistant career stable and secure on professional level. In addition, well-trained medical assistants have very good prospects for promotion in the medical field, being able to qualify for various administrative occupations or become medical technology professionals.


Medical Assistant Job Description – What To Look For and How To Get Hired for Medical Assistant Jobs

A medical assistant job description will vary depending on the size, location and specialty of the health care organization or practice. It is common for assistant medical jobs in small practices to do many different tasks but in large practices they may specialize in just a few tasks. Generally speaking, a medical assistant job description will include both administrative and/or clinical tasks.

Assistant medical jobs are in very high demand right now. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that assistant medical jobs are projected to grow by an astonishing 34 percent from 2008 to 2018. In fact, due to the expanding health care industry, it is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the U.S. today.

Medical Assistant Job Description: What Does a ‘MA’ Do?

A medical administrator or assistant helps make a practice run smoothly by performing several important administrative tasks such as:

* scheduling appointments
* updating and filing patient medical records
* handling billing and bookkeeping
* filling out insurance forms
* scheduling patient hospital admissions
* answering the telephone

In addition, assistant medical employment description may include some or all of the following clinical tasks:

* collecting and processing laboratory specimens
* sterilize and prepare equipment
* taking vital signs
* preparing patients for physical examinations or x-ray procedures
* educating and instructing patients about medications and diets
* administering medications


Things You Could Do With a Free Pay Stub Template

A free pay stub template can benefit your business in more ways than you could imagine. This can be found online and can be printed out, without any cost. You don’t have to pay heavily on designing the templates or rack your brains over what information to provide over the pay slip. It ensures that you save lot of time and money. Small business owners can look online for a free template, copies of which could be printed out with the right values in order to be handed out to the employees.

This template will allow you to add your company and the employee’s details which are relevant. These documents will allow you to keep track of the amount of money you have paid out to your employees. There are quite a few companies where there are full time and part time employees. Similarly while some employees are paid on a monthly basis, others are paid on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis. In each of these cases, you also need to provide data on how much time the services of the employee were availed.

This template will give you the liberty to choose a different one every month as you aren’t virtually paying anything for the design. Only the printing costs are yours. Moreover, you can edit them to suit your needs as is the case for most companies. The template is only a guideline for companies to choose their own kind of pay stub that will offer information that is important to them as well as the employee. As the number of employees increase, these could be used to monitor growth of the company too.


You Can Save Time and Money With Online Paystubs and W2 Templates

Do you need paystubs or a W2 template?

Are you a small business owner or self-employed and need proof of income?

Do you need a Paystub template or W2 template? You can now get online paystubs to easily create and print out your own W2’s and Pay stubs. In the past a business owner had to hire a monthly service and pay monthly fees. By using online paystubs small businesses and the self employed can create and print out W2’s and Pay stubs in just a few minutes.

Other options for the business owners is to purchase a complete software program.

These are usually expensive and if you are not computer savvy can sometimes take weeks to completely understand and use. So what is a businesses or self employed person to do if they need paystubs or a W2 template for just a few or as little as one employees? In these slow economic times money is very tight and many times the small business owner is left out in the cold.

Large or midsized companies can afford a bookkeeper, expensive software, monthly payroll service or even a full time CPR.

How many times have you been asked by an employee for a copy of W2.

It seems to happen to me several times a year. “I need another W2″. My address is different, can you print me another W2 with my correct address”.

As a small business owner, I need to contact a local CPA or bookkeeper, pay out the money to do this.

Other options are to purchase payroll software.

With the explosion of the internet, there are now several companies offering easily to use online pay stubs and W2 templates. Before you purchase make sure to use only a company with easy to use templates. You want to purchase only high quality templates and pay stubs. Your company’s reputation is reflected in these small items.

In the past there have been some unscrupulous individuals using pay stub templates and W2 templates for less than noble uses. Please do not use these online services for using these as fake pay stubs.


The easiest way the ideal Manner Keep

The easiest way the ideal Manner Keep

Would you enjoy revamping your current closet? Should you be aiming to bring up to date your apparel as well as apparel equipment that you just individual, you could be considering adding many of the most up-to-date manner tendencies straight into your current closet. Should you be, you simply must discover a manner keep to buy in.

In relation to obtaining a manner keep to buy in, you’ve got many different possibilities. Ahead of looking at those people possibilities, you’ll want to do not forget that manner merchants are generally controlled throughout the two storefront spots along with on-line. In case you would like the on-line manner keep, you might like to take into consideration undertaking an ordinary search. In case you would like a new storefront keep to buy in, you might like to take into consideration traveling to any local local mall, utilizing your community mobile phone e-book, as well as employing business online web directories.

Though these browsing procedures are common wonderful solutions to attempt obtaining a manner keep along with numerous these people in that will, due to genuinely recognize which merchants you will find. This is why you can genuinely wish to accomplish over only discover a manner keep to buy in; you’ll want to decide on you to definitely look in. In relation to deciding on the ideal manner keep for you to bring up to date your current closet, there are many involving critical factors that will you might like to think about.

Among the many components that will you might like to think about will be the merchants showcased. Manner merchants occur in a lot of distinct styles, forms, along with variations. As an illustration, you’ll find apparel merchants which have been suitable for as well as sort of girls, youngsters, running males and females, or anything else. Besides looking at your current girl or boy plus your sizing, you can even need to get the apparel clothing that will you would want to obtain into mind. Do you think you’re generally only seeking operate outfits as well as do you need combining operate outfits along with causal outfits? Figuring out which apparel along with products you would want to obtain is incredibly valuable in relation to seeking the excellent manner keep in your case plus your requires.

Charge can be yet another component that you should looked at while deciding on a manner keep to buy in. Many the style merchants that will hold the most up-to-date along with ideal manner tendencies are usually rather high priced. Should you have the endless cost to shell out with a brand-new closet, this will likely not really certainly be a trouble in your case. On the other hand, should you be with a finances, you might like to take a look at the style merchants that will you would like searching in along with his or her regular sale made price ranges. In case you possibly can accomplish a bit of analysis on-line, perhaps pertaining to storefront keep, anyone just might escape plenty of occasion.

Yet another component that will you might like to think about can be spot. Manner merchants are placed around your local and in many cases a number of are placed throughout smaller urban centers along with neighborhoods. On the other hand, in case you would like many of the apparel bits along with products which might be that comes with the runways involving The big apple along with Paris, france, you possibly will not be capable of come across those people goods as part of your community manner merchants. On that basis, it is crucial that you just take a look at the venue in the manner keep as well as merchants that will you would want to look in. Naturally, you will probably need to continue to be in your neighborhood, nevertheless should you be set on modernizing your current closet to feature the most up-to-date tendencies popular, you might like to pay for it to visit a new well-known manner keep, perhaps whether it is some hours out.

These components are generally just some of a variety of approaches that one could attempt seeking the excellent manner keep. Should you be certainly not constrained pertaining to occasion as well as if you need to generate a exciting venture beyond getting a brand-new closet by yourself, you might like to start off smacking way up numerous manner merchants since you can come across. A place in the process, you’re likely to discover the excellent one particular, or even more.


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The Importance of Having a Good Pay Stub

In today’s market, there are plenty of companies that have included a pay stub template into their activities. The pay stub is of great help for users, especially since there are so many options available. Every pay stub is meant to have a specific purpose and to be of assistance in many domains (legally or not). But if you have your doubts when it comes to templates of this kind, you might want to keep on reading and get more information on this topic.


A good management system is required when it comes to costs and money flow. You need to implement a good system, which will help you keep track of the various expenses included and multiple costs. So first of all you should start looking for a pay stub template. When the selection of the pay stub template is finished, you will manage to analyze the finances of the company and to economize. The initial costs might be a bit high, but do not worry because you will manage to cushion the blow.


Everyone feels that their needs are unique and each business has its own manner of dealing with working situations. So if you want a personalized template, you can choose from the multiple options available. Actually, if you make use of the right accounting software, you might be able to get the perfect type of template for your area. There are multiple categories of software that can do this. All you need to do is choose the correct one (in terms of characteristics and general costs).


Believe it or not, by using the pay stub template you will manage to let your employees know that you “accept” them. Remember that, when your employees are happy, your firm is also successful. The people working for you will do their job without being lazy or negligent. It has been proven that keeping your employees happy will boost your profits. Apply this method with confidence, since it is the easiest and fastest way to get great results.


Create an Info Product – Sell it Online to Make Money

I think one of the best ways to earn money online is by creating digital products and selling them for profit. Digital products include softwares, ebooks, free reports etc.

What is an info product ?

Information products can include all kinds of books, reports etc. In the Internet context, this term refers to electronically deliverable, knowledge-based products such as ebooks , email courses and downloadable reports. Once you gain experience on how to write simple reports, then you can make quite a decent amount of money selling these reports for profit.

The main advantages if you decide to create an info product to sell on the internet are:


  1. Information products can be created with little or no money.
  2. They can be easily reproduced in any quantity – its as simple as copying a file.
  3. With information problems, inventory and other storage expenses are not present.
  4. Shipping products are eliminated.
  5. Info products can be delivered quickly to the customers after they pay the money, by providing them a link for download.

So you see creating and selling information products can be an easy way to earn money online. Internet is a medium which makes it easy for us to promote and deliver our info products.


You can create info products on any subject of your interest. You can pick topics related to your knowledge, experience or passion.

There are many steps involved in creating an info product. However once you master these steps then it should become very easy for you. You can then start creating more and more info products quickly (sometimes 1 in a day).

The following are a few steps you need to take to create an info product:

1. Determine the topic of your ebook:

First decide on the topic for your ebook or ecourse. You have to keep several things in mind while deciding this – like your passions, hobbies, strengths, experience, knowledge.


Unlock the Secret to Getting Better Grades

Getting better grades is a mystery to some.

Most people associate getting better grades to studying harder, studying more and for longer hours, cutting back on leisure time in exchange for more time at a desk… hunched over with your nose buried in a textbook of some sorts. None of us, or anyone I know, wants to stay cooped up in a room studying… hoping what they’re reading sticks come time for an exam. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always get us the better grades we need either. Instead we read and re-read… then re-read again… passages and paragraphs and even re-read entire pages or chapters because we can’t remember just what in the world we just read. We ask ourselves, “Is this the only way to better grades?” It’s so frustrating! That’s why the saying “work smarter, not harder” also applies when it comes to studying.

How do we work smarter for better grades? Well… we use the secret to getting better grades.

What is the secret to getting better grades? Think of it like this… let’s say you’re a body builder and you were getting ready for a competition. Now what if I told you the best types of foods to eat, when trying to build muscles, are those that are packed with proteins? Although, there are other foods which have protein in them, but aren’t just jam packed with proteins… which type of foods would you want to eat??? The obvious answer would be foods that are high in protein! Why? Because those are the best types of foods to eat when wanting to build muscles. Simple enough right? The same exact principle applies to an individuals study habits when aiming for better grades.

You see there are 3 different types of learning styles. Some might say 4, but for our purpose we’ll be using 3 since the 4th style is the “logical learner”. For our purpose we’ll assume everyone needs to understand things logically in order to be able to really learn them and thus get better grades.

How can learning styles help us achieve better grades? Well… identifying your learning style and focusing your time and energy on studying using your strongest learning style, then reinforcing the information you’re studying with your secondary learning styles are the first couple of steps to unlocking the secret to getting better grades.


Two Rails Against the World!

Indians attack transcontinental railroad survey crew in Utah.

“On this day in 1853, Paiute Indians attacked U.S. Army Captain John W. Gunnison and his party of 37 soldiers and railroad surveyors near Sevier Lake, Utah. Gunnison and seven other men were killed, but the survey party continued with its work and eventually reported its findings to the United States Congress.”

Suffering the effects of flu I resolved to watch the latest addition to my DVD collection. On speculation, or more probably subliminal advertising by Amazon, I had purchased “Hell on Wheels”, which sounds like a coach journey across the Indian continent without aircon, but is in fact a TV mini-series. The plot is one of vengeance carried out with violence and slow romance wrapped around the fascinating story of the building of the inter-continental railway across America.

In the real world this is the founding of the Union Pacific Railway by Act of Congress in 1862. The Union Pacific started on the east coast and worked west while the Central Pacific started out west and worked back east. They were united in the famous golden spike incident on May 10, 1869 – who needs Sat-Nav really!