4 Renaissance Costume Ideas For Men, Women and Couples

Oh, to be back in those days where men where in horses, taking their ladies to their meeting places; where Romeo and Juliet were in love; where peasant dresses are always in fashion; and Robin Hood was there to save the poor. Yes, the Renaissance Era was a beautiful and romantic one, one that is always nice to go back to. Luckily, it’s near Halloween, where people can go back to any era they want. The Renaissance period is a good place to start. If you are not sure which of the Renaissance icons you would like to be this Halloween, here’s a guide:


If you’re a guy and you have black tights, black shoes, white, long sleeved shirt, and a dark vest, then you can be the male renaissance. It’s one of the more common renaissance Halloween costume. You can add a long, curly hair on top of your head for more effect; a wig will suffice. You can even bring your own sword. Just make sure you try not to hurt your surrounding friends. If you are planning to have this costume on your kid, make sure that the sword isn’t sharp, one made out of foil will do.


Victorian outfits make women feel like queens. Be ready to breathe in and not breathe out that much since this calls for corsets, the very tight ones. Of course, you can opt to not tighten it as much, but for the perfect effect, try to make it more realistic. The old London Victorian wig is a great way to start this costume. That blonde, almost bleached, or black, extremely curly hair in a soft updo. Ball gowns are very much a statement that says Victorian, too. Guys can go to this era, too. That is if you’re ready to don on an old London gents wig, or you can always go for Sweeney Todd.


The sexy Renaissance costumes will never go out of style. Think Renaissance, not this time, its shorter on the hem. Wear those sky-high stilettos and flaunt your gams while strutting at your Halloween party. Don’t forget to strike a pose.

Romeo and Juliet

If you have a Romeo or a Juliet at this modern era, then why not summon the love filled souls of Romeo and Juliet and dress like them. For the Juliet, you need a panne velvet dress, waist ruffle, with puffed sleeves. A choker necklace would complete the outfit. For Romeo, you can have the panne velvet tunic with a feathered hat. You can also have a pair of knickers with elastic waist. Put on a dose of love and you are both on your way to a romantic Halloween.

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