Most People Do This With Their Warm Market, Do You?

So you joined a new opportunity and the first thing your sponsor tells you to do is to create a list of your “warm market” so you can share with them your business opportunity.

OMG! You HATE having to bother your friends and family because you already know what they are going to say.

“You got involved in one of those pyramid schemes?”

“You are a fool if you think you can make any money in this. I know a guy who lost a lot of money and never made anything.”

Especially if this is not your first opportunity.

Doesn’t it feel like you are badgering your friends and family?

It may even have gotten to the point where your friends and family are starting to treat you like they treat Jehovah Witnesses coming to their house early on Saturday. You know how we do with the Jehovah Witnesses. I remember when I was growing up and the Jehovah Witnesses would come to the door, my mother would turn off all the lights and tell us to sit quietly, until they left so they would think no one was home. LOL

That’s how you visualize your friends and family treating you after you tell them about your business.

Especially if you are a professional… say, doctor or lawyer or something. You become afraid that you will ruin your reputation and your clients and business colleagues will think you have lost your mind and avoid you like the plague.

The only reason people will avoid you when you tell them about your opportunity, is if you weren’t trained to properly prospect your warm market.

So how DO you prospect your warm market?

If you change the way you look at it, it will become something that you ENJOY doing, not dread.

What you are actually doing is helping people to possibly change their life.

Wouldn’t you want to help your friends and family change their life for the better?

Wouldn’t you want people you know, love and respect, to become your business partners?


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