Web Site Marketing Strategy

Web Site Marketing Strategy: Using Articles to Increase Web Site Traffic Having well-written articles circulating in cyberspace is one of the best marketing strategies you can use to increase your web site traffic. E-zines and article submission sites are the latest way to increase traffic to your site. Search engines are “hungry” for informative articles about products and services that are available on the internet.

Search engines are ranking quality articles high on their search pages. The search engines send their crawlers out looking for articles that have just the right amount of keywords in them. Keywords are words that are searched for on the internet. If your article is well written, contains a good combination of keywords versus content, if may be ranked well on the search pages.

Your article on the first page of an internet search engine increases your chance of getting clicks. If your article is interesting enough and has good quality material, the potential customer can be encouraged to click through a one way link to your web site. You know that more traffic to your site increases your chances of making a sale, and one way links are great for increasing your search engine ranking.

Article submission sites are being used more and more as a primary source for information, because they generally contain lots of quality articles, news bulletins, and reviews of products or books.

Other web sites may borrow your article if they feel it is beneficial to their site. Since that site has to include your hyperlink, viewers to that site may well end up at yours. Just think, you are letting someone else do your marketing work for you. Writing short articles about your product or service is an easy and effective way to increase web site traffic. What a fantastic web site marketing strategy!


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