Unlock the Secret to Getting Better Grades

Getting better grades is a mystery to some.

Most people associate getting better grades to studying harder, studying more and for longer hours, cutting back on leisure time in exchange for more time at a desk… hunched over with your nose buried in a textbook of some sorts. None of us, or anyone I know, wants to stay cooped up in a room studying… hoping what they’re reading sticks come time for an exam. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always get us the better grades we need either. Instead we read and re-read… then re-read again… passages and paragraphs and even re-read entire pages or chapters because we can’t remember just what in the world we just read. We ask ourselves, “Is this the only way to better grades?” It’s so frustrating! That’s why the saying “work smarter, not harder” also applies when it comes to studying.

How do we work smarter for better grades? Well… we use the secret to gettingĀ better grades.

What is the secret to getting better grades? Think of it like this… let’s say you’re a body builder and you were getting ready for a competition. Now what if I told you the best types of foods to eat, when trying to build muscles, are those that are packed with proteins? Although, there are other foods which have protein in them, but aren’t just jam packed with proteins… which type of foods would you want to eat??? The obvious answer would be foods that are high in protein! Why? Because those are the best types of foods to eat when wanting to build muscles. Simple enough right? The same exact principle applies to an individuals study habits when aiming for better grades.

You see there are 3 different types of learning styles. Some might say 4, but for our purpose we’ll be using 3 since the 4th style is the “logical learner”. For our purpose we’ll assume everyone needs to understand things logically in order to be able to really learn them and thus get better grades.

How can learning styles help us achieve better grades? Well… identifying your learning style and focusing your time and energy on studying using your strongest learning style, then reinforcing the information you’re studying with your secondary learning styles are the first couple of steps to unlocking the secret to getting better grades.

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