Beaded-Beads Are Tiny Masterpieces

What could be more wonderful to a bead lover than a bead made of beads. A beaded-bead, if you will.

Such things exist in the world, and in a variety of versions.

You’ll find versions that are round or oval. They are fashioned from tiny glass ones strung and looped together. Then they are gathered at the ends to form the holes for stringing.

Some beaded-beads area tubular, with a large, hollow core. They are made of small rectangular sheets of woven ones. The sheets are then sewn or beaded together, forming a tube. Depending on the pattern and the types of materials used, this kind of tiny masterpiece can be quite elaborate looking.

Various stitches popular in bead weaving are employed to create these tiny delights. The peyote, the herringbone, and the right angle are just a few of the stitches commonly used to create these tiny masterpieces.

An entirely different class of them is comprised of objects covered with a net of three-dimensional bead weaving. Although this is widely practiced on a vast array of objects, small wooden beads are often covered with a woven net to create a three-dimensional woven object.

The wooden beads that are covered in a woven fabric are often painted to match the dominant background color of the design. This technique creates a large object using the fewest beads, while still making a big impact, because of its size.

Another technique involves using polymer clay to create a base figure. Fruit or flower figures are popular. Before the clay is cured and hardened by baking, the figure is rolled in seed beads, which stick to the clay. The key is to have them all facing the same direction, with their holes up, when you roll the figure across them. You then fill in the gaps by inserting beads manually.

Woven glass beads are similar to beaded glass beads, except that they are fashioned using a traditional bead weaving stitch done in three dimensions, rather than using a two-dimensional technique to drape around a three-dimensional object.

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