The Difference Between A Book and A Blog

Blog articles are usually short, containing no more than 400 words. This is because short articles usually attract more people. Bloggers know that and they keep their writing short so they can be number one in the field.

But an article being this short is not always advantageous. Bloggers have to expose their ideas very briefly.

This is why bloggers choose to discuss only about a single domain. But the articles are still somehow random. This can be problematic especially for aspiring gardeners. They usually have to know the botanical concepts a little more deeply and a blog is not usually that helpful.

Every blogger wants his article to be found the first whenever a search engine is used. This is why bloggers are fighting to optimize search engines and they can only do this by repeating a keyword as many times as possible. So the blog article usually becomes a collage of words that don’t deliver any message. This is getting worse because more and more bloggers are using this method.

Books have many advantages over blogs because they don’t need to use keywords repeatedly because they are immune to search engines. The writer can deliver the information very easy this way. It doesn’t matter how many words are used in a book so the subject can be treated deeply.

A book is also more special than a blog because it has certain warmth. When you read a book you can revive all those simple times when urban life wasn’t that stressful.

Another advantage of a book is that you can take it and read it anywhere. You don’t have to worry about low battery, a bad internet connection or ruining your eyes due to radiation.

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