Steps to Make Your Blog Posts Viral

Viral blogs are a must when trying to build an Internet business, or any business for that matter. The question is, how do you make a blog viral? There are many ways to go about it. You can use video blogging, article marketing, and links to make sure your blog gets around the web in great fashion with hundreds of viewers around every “corner.”

First, let’s go into video blogging. It’s not the video blogging you might be familiar with (making video blogs to post on your blogs). Instead, you want to take a blog post, make it into a video, then submit the video to social video networks (YouTube, Yahoo Videos, Guru, etc.). If you have good content in your article video, these video networks will rank them high getting you more hits and more exposure to your blog. NOTE: The more video sites you submit your video to, the better chance there is search engines will rank your videos in the actual search engine and not just video sites.

Next is the tedious task of submitting your articles to article directories. There are thousands of article directories available to post your own written blog articles to ( for example). Join article directories, again the more you submit to the more exposure you will get to your blog (self-explanatory). Other bloggers and marketers looking for content for their blog will take your posts (if it is good content) and add them to their blogs, creating back links to you blogs. Very effective in getting your blog ranked high in search engines. This leads to the next blog optimization technique – links and blog linking.

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