How To Promote Your Blog or Website Effectively

Knowing how to promote you blog or website is not as difficult as you may think. In this article I am going to share with you some simple steps you can use to promote your blog. Some are as simple as copy and paste while others will take a bit of learning but come with great rewards.

I am going to share with you 3 simple strategies that I use on my blog to promote it and drive traffic to the site very quickly. All 3 will have pros and cons but if you use them together you can greatly increase the amount of traffic you get which will convert into leads and sales for your business.

· Guest Blogging on Your Blog

· Guest Blogging on Other Blogs

· Article Marketing

Guest Blogging on Your Blog – By allowing other people to write content for you blog can save you time by not having to write you own content. This can be a huge advantage if you can only write 2 or 3 times a week. The draw back is that you do have to read through and make sure the post is good enough for your blog.
If you can get some really good writers to produce content for you on a regular basis then it could be a great way to go but it will take time to build those relationships and find those writers. But bear in mind they could let you down at anytime.

Guest Blogging on Other Blogs – You could write for other blogs giving you a backlink back to your own blog. There are many blog sites out there that allow people to add their own content just make sure you read the rule for each site.

All of these sites will be looking for original content and it must be of a high quality to pass their editorials. However it is a great way to give your blog a traffic boost and it may help push your own post up the search engines.

Article Marketing – This is still one of the best ways to promote your blog and at the time of writing this article it still works really well. There are so many article directories around that you are spoilt for choice.

By simple writing high quality original content you can drive people to the article. You are allowed 2 links within your author box which can point to your blog. This serves two purposes by giving a link from an authority site so you blog post will move up the search engines and also driving traffic from the article itself.

All three of these tips are great for promoting your blog and the good thing is they will all have a positive impact on your search ranking which in the long run will bring you free organic traffic from the search engines.

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