Discover Shimla – The British Summer Capital in India

Those who are interested in history must be well aware of the British colonization in India for hundreds of years. During their stay in India, Britishers left numerous good and bad impressions on Indian culture. They did some commendable jobs which the world cherishes till date and people come here to witness them from all over the world.

Britishers established and developed many places which are placed on the world heritage list today. In the northern Indian state, Himachal Pradesh, they had one favorite place which they called Simla (now Shimla). Though this place was already inhabited, it was J.F. Kennedy who made first English house there and called it “Kennedy House”. This house got burnt a few years ago and a new structure is built on its place but the name is still retained.

The ambiance of this place did not let the Britishers go from here easily and they established their summer capital here. It is said that they organized this town in such a manner that it gave them the feeling of “London”. The very famous “Mall Road” still witnesses many buildings having a remarkable touch of European architecture. This Mall road is a favorite place among locals as well as tourists. People enjoy roaming here without the hassle of vehicles. Especially the evening time is worth watching when entire Mall road becomes loaded with people.

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