9 Important Facts About British Golden Retrievers

British golden retrievers are known by a number of names, including English, English cream and white golden retrievers, just to name a few. This particular type of retriever was created by breeding dogs from various locations in Europe, such as England.

Here are some interesting facts that you may not know about British golden retrievers:

1. Nearly all the golden retrievers in America have British lineage.

2. They were developed in Scotland through selective breeding by Lord Tweedmouth using the descendants of yellow flat coat born into a litter of black puppies.

3. The recessive EE allele works to block the formation of pigmentation in the shaft of the hair. As a result, the dog appears gold in color. Due to the mutation or meeting of color genes that must occur, it is practically impossible to breed a purebred golden with a white coat, cream to red at best.

4. They have thick, feathered coats with darkening around the eyes. It is often said that these dogs look to be wearing eye makeup.

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