2012 – The Year of British Homeware?

It’s 2012, and we’re all enjoying the benefits of our 21st Century lifestyle. But despite what the old films, TV shows and books told us, the most influential place this year isn’t some distant planet. It’s good old Blighty – and that’s as true in your home as it is on the streets of London town.

Why is 2012 a Big Year for British Style?

From the catwalks of Milan to the boutiques of New York City, everyone knows that there are only two words in the world of fashion this year – Great, and Britain. But that British look doesn’t just start with your outfit and hairstyle, as more and more people decide to turn to the Best of British homeware to celebrate the year’s two big events.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee

The first big event of Britannia’s 2012 celebratory calendar takes place at the very start of June, as the country and commonwealth gather to celebrate the reign of one of the nation’s longest serving monarchs.

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