Call A Criminal Lawyer When You Sense The Danger Of Being Arrested

A criminal attorney has to be the first person you contact when you are being arrested or even before when you sense the danger of being arrested. Many people try to talk their way out instead of consulting their attorney first. It is the right of a citizen to be allowed to call their attorney in situations like these. However, it is also a right that is ignored the most. The case filed against you can be minimized by an experienced attorney. After all it is the lawyer’s duty to safeguard the legal rights of his client. The attorney will clearly explain the contents of the charge against you which will help build defense in cases where you are taken to court. The lawyer remains by your side always when the police are questioning you so that they can protect you against any self-incrimination which is your Fifth Amendment right. He also makes sure that your constitutional rights are considered and adhered to.

Building your defense in situations where the case goes to trial and acting as a negotiator, the criminal attorney will make sure that any bargains for plea will be on your behalf. Plea bargaining is the result of most of the cases and the presence of a criminal attorney ensures you would be given the best deal there is in exchange for avoiding trial.

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