Maplestory Magician Guide – 3 Easy Steps For Building Your Magician

This Maplestory Magician Guide will cover a couple of steps that will have you well on your approach to turning into a stunning performer.

Here are a couple of things to remember as you construct your performer:

Put most of your AP into INT

Downplay your STR and DEX, to make sure you can prepare things

Ensure your details are accurately disseminated toward the start

Presently, onto the simple Maplestory entertainer manage:

magicien close up paris

Stage 1: Distribute your details when you make your character

In the event that you don’t as of now have a clue, presently your details are reallocated when you become a Maplestory performer. Along these lines, it is ideal to appropriate your details as needs be to leave the novice territory rapidly:

At the point when you level up add 1 highlight DEX and the rest to STR until you arrive at level 8 and become an entertainer. This will guarantee brisk leveling up to that point.

After you become a performer, your detail focuses will be reset so you have just 4 STR and 4 DEX, which is ideal for all Maplestory entertainers.

Stage 2: Distribute your details subsequent to turning into a Maplestory entertainer

At the point when you become an entertainer, you will need to make it so your LUK is 3 a larger number of focuses than your level. Thus, for instance, in case you’re at level 10, your LUK should be 13. That way you will have the option to wear the best hardware for your level. A few entertainers have no focuses placed into LUK. These are called LUKless performers, yet they are typically played by more experienced players.

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