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Having a baby can be a nerve-wracking experience for new parents, not the nine months pregnant I talk about after bringing the baby home from the hospital. It’s always the same, when they have their third child, they’ve figured it all out, but first, it’s something to learn.

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Baby monitors help you listen to your child’s needs without having to be in the room with her. Some baby monitors are portable or “portable” and are small enough that you can carry them in your pocket while you go about your daily tasks at home. Depending on your price range, it is better to have a base unit attached to the wall. The receiver unit can be like your mobile phone, you can take it with you and reconnect it to the base unit for recharging.

Some people find that the baby monitor can be disrupted by cell phones, cell phones, computer networks, and even their neighbors’ baby monitors. Be careful of possible interruptions before using the screen officially. Also, be sure to get a display with a receiver unit that beeps when battery power is low so you don’t expose yourself to an empty battery.

Another consideration before buying a baby monitor is the range of monitors. If you have a more regular household, say 1800, you probably won’t have a problem with a traditional baby monitor. If you live in a home that is 4,000 square feet or more, or if you live in a multi-level home, you may need a specific type of unit.

There are baby monitors that actually have something called a “sensor pad.” The pillow fits under the sheet and captures any movement your baby makes. Some doctors recommend these types of monitors for premature babies.

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