7 Reasons Why We Don’t Recognize and Reward Others

Almost all organizations have some type of recognition and reward programs or systems. However, not all of them apply these programs or systems properly. Many organizations are not consistent in recognizing and rewarding efforts made by people. Therefore, the main cause is not the absence of recognition and reward program or system. The main cause is related to those who are in charge of applying such programs. These individuals include leaders, executives, managers, supervisors, team leads, and even regular employees in the organization.

An employee of a big service company told me that one of their top managers, who had just joined the organization, had this philosophy that when people do what they are supposed to do, they should not be recognized and rewarded. With this philosophy in mind that manager was not rewarding people for their efforts. After a while employees under his management started losing their morale and enthusiasm for their work and their efficiency and productivity declined. Why? Because they were not seeing any value in what they were doing any more. They were not recognized for the job well done and their management could not see the difference they were making.

Following are 7 reasons why we do not recognize and reward appropriately:

We are not aware

Sometimes we are not aware of the existence of recognition and reward programs in our organization. This may be due to the fact that these programs are not widely introduced and executed in the organization. They are not communicated properly by human resources or top management. It could also be due to our own disinterest in finding out about such programs in our organization.

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