What Made the Most Famous Songwriters Famous?

Writing hits, of course. I’ve done a little research on that. I’ve been to countless seminars and special classes on “how to write hit songs”. I do have to admit that each gave me good, seemingly sound advice on formulas, meanings in lyrics, grooves and beats and other accepted teachings. While it’s true that I get a lot of solid advice from “real industry professionals”, I do wonder… with so much money being earned by those who actually write hit songs, if someone really knew how to write a true hit song… why would they be spending their time giving classes about it? Wouldn’t they be better off using all their “professional knowledge” and talents actually writing new hit songs so they can make all the money that famous songwriters make? I guess maybe there’s not just one lesson or thing that makes a song a hit. It’s more of a combination of having all the right pieces in the correct artistic expression. But there still has to be that one thing… that one special step.

So, what is that step? Well in looking at truly famous songwriters you have to first look for “hits”. It is true that all famous songwriters do have that something special it took to get the song from inception to where it actually can legitimately be qualified as a “hit”. When trying to come up with an answer to my question about what made the most famous songwriters famous, here’s what I came up with.

The difference is… someone listened to their songs. That has always been a hard thing in the music industry, but it’s even harder in today’s world of “give it to me quick because I have unlimited choices” type of consumer. Don’t get me wrong, each famous songwriter has a unique, special talent. And they do write “good” songs with some amount of “hit” songs. But it all began with someone taking the time to listen. That, more than likely, came from something about the song. Yes, you must have that special song that appeals to the masses… and you must be a “special” kind of talent… and it must be a great song. But… if nobody takes the time to listen to the song long enough to hear how special it is… NOTHING will ever happen with the song. It’s just far too easy to pass it up for another one of the multitude of choices.

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