Nutrition and Asthma – Man Made Asthma Part One

When you come to think about it, most of the problems facing the 21st century all seem to be man made. If you look at the issues when it comes to global warming – you notice than it is through man that we have these issues, if you look at the pollution in the world – you notice once again man is involved.

Starvation, depressions and all the issues facing us have always been because man has gone off the track. The same can be said for asthma.

Lets look for example and go back in time to the last three centuries

Three centuries ago, asthma was hardly prevalent in society, the few people who did have asthma were considered to be people that lived longer than non asthmatics. This is true, all you have to do is pick up some of the first ever dictionaries up and look for the definition of asthma.

It went something along the lines of ” Asthma / Asthmatic – Someone who lives longer than those without asthma” This could be found in the dictionaries of the past and if you went into your library you would find one of these old dictionaries and prove it to yourself.

So then what has changed from the seventeen hundreds up until now where we are living in the 21st century? Quite a lot, but the most shocking tell tale sign is the amount of stress we now have in our lives and the amount of food we eat.

Most people consider a nation to be a healthy nation by the amount that they eat. This sounds logical and should be for the most part, going back centuries tribesman and herdsman were only as wealthy as the amount of grain and cattle they had but this is not the case with us in the 21st century.

America consumes nearly 40% of the entire worlds food, yet the quality of food is not the same as the quality found in other countries, when you look at the standard diet of the average American you will soon notice that their diet is full of dead food or unprocessed food.

In the west we eat so much junk food that contains nothing more than calories. There is no nutrition in most of the food and drink we now have come accustomed to in the west. Think of it, how much nutrition is found in the fizzy drinks being sold in restaurants and super markets? Yet it is found in every super market.

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