Famous Sports Kits

Over the many years of globalised sports participation, there have been many famous kits that have stood out and are still in use today. Most of these are team sports, but not all. What it is that marks them out as special has a lot to do with the nature of the team or individual. If they reach unprecedented heights, then they and their kits will usually achieve instant fame.

Take the legendary Brazilian football team of 1970. The gold and blue kit is universally recognised as representing excellence of a level not seen before. But is there more to it? How much is down to the styling of the kit, the colours, and the material? Will the current all-conquering Spanish football team leave behind such a famous kit as their Brazilian predecessors?

Rugby has its fair share of famous kits too. The golden yellow of Australia, to the crimson of Wales and the emerald green of Ireland. Most notably however is the All Black kit, with the solitary white Kiwi feather emblazoned on the chest. Dangerously simple and symbolising brute strength and clinical skill, the New Zealand rugby team has a kit that manages to achieve a psychological edge the moment their opponents set foot on the pitch.

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