Famous Quotes Have Enduring Power

Have you ever stopped to consider the power of words and language to provoke us, inspire us or even discourage us? Language is our means of communicating with each other; a method to connect and share our needs, our fears, our hopes and even our dreams. The use of language and words can bring us closer together or drive us further apart, it’s all in the way we express ourselves.

Reading or hearing famous quotes and proverbs regularly influence the way in which we think and can sometimes even change our minds about an individual place or thing. Famous quotes regularly induce new concepts and help us understand the world around us. Uplifing words can even help us deal with our own private crises, and accept the cruel destiny of accidents, illness and even death.

One of the most influential and important writers in English, William Shakespeare, is recollected more than five hundred years since his death for his use of words and the thought inciting messages they sent. Some of his most famous quotes are still in use today, with many individuals not knowing, caring or understanding where these phrases arose. Of course, even the Bard himself was known to steal a phrase or 2, when it suited his purposes.

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