Can Chiropractic Help With Asthma?

Bear with me on this one; I’ve not gone all new age and pseudo-science. But this is worth a second look.

Approximately 300million people worldwide have been diagnosed with asthma, mostly in developed countries. Surprisingly, asthma is considered responsible for up to 250,000 deaths annually. That’s a very serious tally for something that is widely misunderstood as a bit of wheezing.

Asthma is defined as chronic (long-lasting) inflammation of the airways. The severity of this varies over time and with external factors, causing fluctuating degrees of wheezing, breathlessness, fatigue, coughing and so forth.

Currently asthma is treated with steroids administered via an inhaler. In severe or long-standing cases, and where co-morbidities exist, these may be used prophylactically. Possible allergens and irritants are also investigated as removable triggers.

For years small numbers of chiropractors have been claiming to be able to treat asthma using spinal manipulation. They state that spinal subluxations (used to mean mal-position rather than partial dislocation) are a major component of disease, including asthma, preventing the body from repairing itself by impinging on “neurological flow”.

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