5 Famous Doggie Stars of All Time

Ever since the film industry boomed in the early 1900’s, people have been featuring our beloved canines in the silver. They have touched our hearts in so many ways. With their amazing skills and human like reactions, they have changed the way on how we look at our pets. They weren’t just pets anymore, they came a part of the family. Dogs have been a stable entity in the Hollywood scene next to humans, of course. Doggie stars that have been featured in major motion films have been an epitome of the perfect dog; obedient, caring, loving, heroic, brave, clean, behave, etc. Even after their death, the public still longs for their movie so much that their “stage names” are carried over by their own offspring to continue the legacy.

1. Rin Tin-Tin

He is Hollywood’s most famous dog during its earlier days. This famous pooch came from Corporal Lee Duncan, who was a soldier during World War I. He named after the French puppet, Rintintin, as a token of good luck to the American forces.

The famous hound made approximately 26 motion pictures with Warner Brothers. During his time, Rin Tin Tin captured the heart of movie goers and he became phenomenal. Every week he would receive 10,000, lucky somebody who can’t read. At the peak of his stardom, Rin Tin Tin received the honor of having is own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Rin Tin Tin died in 1932, with Duncan making arrangements that his famous pet be buried in a pet cemetery in Paris.

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