Raising Goats – How to Choose the Goat Breeds For Your Farm

Cute and cuddly: those are the two terms people associate with goats. This can be true, if you are raising goats as pets. However, if you are trying to establish a goat farm, you will quickly discover that these two terms are the farthest descriptions you can give your animal wards. Like all animal husbandry practices, raising goats also means having to deal with housing units, choosing feeds and dietary supplements, keeping out unwanted predators (especially wild animals in the surrounding areas,) health check ups done by the vet, updating or buying tools and machineries, regular inspection done by the authorities, knowing the breeding cycle of goats, and most important of all, choosing what breed of goats you intend to keep.

Although you can buy any breed of animal you want, raising goats according to their output will help you quickly regain your investments, and make your endeavors into a profitable business. As such, there are four types of goat farming. These are:

1. Raising goats for their fibers.

Wool is the most common fiber to be harvested from goats. But you can also acquire mohair and cashmere wool; both of which are usually prized for their silken texture and softness. For medium class wool, which is similar to sheep wool but only somewhat thicker, you would need to buy nigora and pygora goats (hybrid goats.)


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