Power of Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is the process of generating visual mental imagery, with eyes open or closed. These images can be for the purpose of inspecting or transforming and then understanding the associated feelings with that image to experience a more beneficial emotion, which can help deal with pain, loss, etc.

Too complex? Let me simplify it.

Creative visualization, means creating an image or a scene or imagining something in your mind, with eyes open or closed. That image or scene or imagination, is then used to replace any pain or cope with any loss, by attaching positive feelings to it. But creative visualization is not simply about dealing with pain or loss. It also helps boost self-esteem, improve moods, fighting anxiety etc.

Our mind has the ability to imagine some really fascinating things. These things do not need to be real or even make sense. If it is imaginable, our mind will imagine it. The power of creative visualization lies in its ability to affect our psychological, physiological and social behaviour.

The brain is capable of creating two kinds of images. Let us look at them in detail:

1. Visual Imagery

This form of creative visualization is where an image can be seen, voices can be heard and at times you may even feel the effects. Most creative visualization involves visual imagery.

Many times when we imagine a beach or some form of water, we see in our minds a beautiful shore, the sound of the ocean and if you are quite the imaginative one, you even feel the sand beneath your feet!


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