How to Think Like Successful People Do – The Science of Results Oriented Thinking

In the science of results oriented thinking we learn that thinking is the most powerful tool available to you to help you succeed and create your life with. It is the inventor of all ideas, all riches, all wealth and can even turn a Doctors death sentence into a miraculous recovery. Your thinking is attached to your mind and its ability to create heaven or hell. It can unleash the joys and riches of the universe or keep you in the deepest pit of depression and poverty. Your thinking can fill you with joy or eat you up with rage and anger.

In the science of results oriented thinking you learn that your thinking habits were developed in your childhood. You learned to think by watching parents, authority figures and caretakers react and respond in the world. You developed habits of thinking, responding and actioning. In the science of results oriented thinking you learn that these habits are just something you learned not who you are. Yet, these habits will determine what your life will be like forever unless some fundamental change happens to your thinking. Most of the thinking style we learn growing up is lack thinking, negative or limited thinking habits. There are actually 6 widely used and deadly yet, accepted negative thinking and speaking habits. Becoming aware of the habit you use and learning something new will help you.

Your thinking habits will determine your self-esteem. Your self-esteem will determine what you think you are worthy of and what you think you are capable of achieving. Those self-worth thoughts create the life you believe you can manifest and will produce evidence of your beliefs and level of self-worth thinking, in the form of where you live, your physical health, how much money you make, who you are friends with and how your relationships develop. You will manifest the life that you believe you can manifest. In your mind this validates what you think is true and this continues the cycle. You can be caught in a cycle of self sabotage for the rest of your life if you do not do something different.

Most often, how people move from this self-sabotaging to self-esteem to I’m worthy trap, is by tackling one goal at a time and this shifts the thought habit pattern, upon the successful completion of a goal. The successful completion of a goal, say getting a college degree, buys or gives you more self-worth so that you can change the way you think about yourself. When you change the way you think your life changes, because thinking is a tool, not who you are. You are not the sad, fearful or angry thought you just had, that is merely something you are experiencing because of the thought you just exposed yourself to.


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