How to Be Efficient While Enjoying Writing

My love for writing started at an early age and never left me since. I like writing all the time as a way to create order into my daily, sometimes hectic, world. And, when I am not writing, I am reading, including about writing (part of this bibliography being grammar books as well). Shortly, I am spending an enormous amount of time in the kingdom of words.

Having a professional life with various intellectual connections and interests, I had the occasions to test various types of writings: literature or self-help books, journalistic and scientific/academic articles, literary short stories or children books or fillers, as well as various writing materials related to PR and advertising, as press releases, texts for leaflets, business plans or Power Point presentations. I was happy to discover blogging and, most recently Twitter, struggling to express a wide range of ideas up to the 140-character requirement of the networking platform.

Given my permanent interest for writing, my preoccupations in addressing various topics and styles increased accordingly. I keep short diaries of my various ideas for books or articles and down on my computer I separate and organise my ideas in several folders sorted out on subjects of interest. When I am thinking about a certain topic, some useful ideas for other articles might arise. And, worrying to avoid missing any opportunity, I am hurrying up to keep them in the virtual memory my computer. It is the reason why usually when I am writing – including right now – I have opened several Word documents, that I am feeding with ideas and further developments of the stories, every time when an idea is hunting me.


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