Why Some People Age Much Faster Than Others And Why Some Don’t Seem To Age At All

We are often confronted with a certain view of reality that other people have upheld and adopted before we did.

One of the best examples of how we create our realityis aging. Biological aging, which should not be confused with chronological aging, is a natural phenomenon that will affect every person at some stage in life; at least this is what we have been led to believe. Since everyone repeatedly tells us the same story, we begin to accept the ‘reality’ (of aging) and reinforce it through our personal experiences. So it must be true! But this does not explain why some people age much faster than others and why some do not seem to age at all.

It would be intriguing to find out what really determines our life span. Some of us may live up to 100 years or more without feeling old whereas others might die from ‘old age’ 50 years earlier. The ancient Indian sage Shankara who displayed extraordinary wisdom from the age of 8 saw the process of aging as being deeply rooted in a person’s own belief system. He said: “The only reason why people age and die is because they see other people age and die.” We all have more or less different viewpoints or opinions about the world as such. This may lead to varied perceptions of reality. What is the ‘truth’ for one person may not be relevant at all for another person, yet with regard to the ideas of aging and illness, we seem to agree with each other for we rarely step out of the main paradigm altogether.

To avoid looking for the real cause of decline with age, we prefer to believe in an invisible force that somehow and gradually programs our life to deteriorate according to a numbering system (from years 1-100…). It seems too far fetched for us to accept the idea that we may be causing the aging process ourselves. Do we perhaps give ourselves the (unconscious) permission to age because this lets us off the hook to take responsibility for our own life and that of other people?

Who Ages, Who Doesn’t?

The mind/body connection is at work as long as we live. This is also true in the case of aging. If you believe that your biological age is 60 today because you have had 60 birthdays and that you are soon ready for your pension, then you are likely to be in the process of adjusting your biological age to your psychological one. This means that your biological organism may soon be as old as you believe it should be. When you become aware of the regular automatic ‘servicing’ that renews your body (each year 98 percent of the atoms of your body are turned over) and you are not afraid of aging either, you will find it difficult to age in the negative sense of the word.


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