The Secret to More Patients

A Case Study for Marketable Results Reviewing two similar dental offices, which practice achieves the best marketing results? Dr. Wise and Dr. Downing manage dental practices just three blocks away from each other. Their practices are nearly identical. Both have 10 years of clinical experience, use state-of-the-art equipment and offer equivalent pricing.

Where the two dental offices differ is in their respective marketing approaches. Dr. Downing pays for advertising using a bevy of expensive directories and publications. Dr. Wise relies primarily on patient referrals and one promotional product to market his practice, a magnet.

Dr. Downing spends tens of thousands of dollars per year on marketing. He has a big Yellow Pages ad, is listed with 1-800-DENTIST and advertises periodically in the local newspaper. When patients visit his office, Dr. Downing exudes amicable, professional dental care. Once a year, he sends each patient a reminder postcard. Dr. Downing interacts with his patient three times:

o Patient appointment

o The office visit

o Reminder card

Dr. Wise allots less than $10,000 annually to marketing his practice. Rather than invest more money in expensive advertising, Dr. Wise’s marketing strategy involves perpetual persistence:

o When the patient sets the first appointment, Dr. Wise’s office follows up the call to get the information needed to complete the new-patient questionnaire in advance.


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