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Do you know the biggest problem with social marketing? It doesn’t outsource well! You could say that social marketing has thrown a monkey wrench into almost every entrepreneurs marketing plan, because it’s a two edged sword. It offers the potential for free, perpetual traffic and sales, while at the same time being a major pain in the neck!

Why doesn’t it outsource well? Primarily because of messaging. Nobody knows your product or service like you do, and nobody will be as passionate about it is you are. So who exactly is going to create all those tweets, videos, blog posts, veemo and articles? The answer, in my humble but correct opinion, is that you either need to create them yourself, or if you have a team, a trusted and competent marketer on your team.

So what in the world do you need social marketing software for? The answer is simple: to get your message out, to as many places, in as many ways, and as easily as possible.

So before you even start looking at social marketing software, you ought to ask yourself this simple question, “What do I want the software to do?” Sounds obvious, but too many entrepreneurs are making decisions on what’s sold to them, rather than sitting down and deciding what they really need.

To help in the decision, here are the elements of social marketing that most Guru’s agree should be part of a good social marketing strategy:

  • Blogging
  • Video marketing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter (micro-blogging)
  • Social bookmarking
  • Content marketing

That’s not a complete list, of course, and there are many other elements involved, but those are the basics.

So the idea is that you create the messaging, and your social marketing software is your tool to get that messaging out there as quickly and easily as possible, to as many places as possible.

For example, while Twitter is a great way of spreading a message, the software I use has a tool that doesn’t just up-date Twitter, but over forty other sites at the same time. So, one “tweet” goes to many places. I create the message, they get it everywhere it needs to be.

So here’s my personal “wish list” of social marketing software features:

  • Opening of all the social accounts (there are hundreds, I don’t want to take the time to do it myself!)
  • Set up the automation that allows my tweets to be broadcast to all possible places at once (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Providing blogging services such as auto-blogging, changing themes, adding lead capture boxes, Google analytics, or whatever else I want done.
  • Social bookmarking. If I create a post of a site, I want it to be bookmarked for me, getting me free traffic and links.
  • Training
  • Support
  • Link building…

Those are the things I need done. I want to do the messaging, but I want software to get it out there!

So my advice to you is to make the list that makes the most sense to you, then search for the software that does the job. Resource box:

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